WIFI-800 Antari Fog Machine

Price : $549.00/ea

Buy WIFI-800 Antari Fog Machine (WIFI-800) online from Edwards Auckland, or Contact Us to enquire and see hire options. Visit us in penrose to test and see all our Smoke / Haze Machines and other products.

Detailed Description

High quality Smoke Machine / Fog Machine


Worlds 1st SmartPhone controlled fog machine: Antari WiFi800. With an app for apple and Android you can download the one you need and control your fogger while doing all your other stuff. Taking a selfie and use your phone to control our Antari WiFi800 fogger.  Add this cool function to your stylish Antari 800 Watt fogger today!


Watch the video:

Antari Wifi-800 Fog Machine



Used For


» Voltage: 230 Volt

» Heater : 800 W

» Output : 3,000 cu.ft / min

» First Heat-up Time : 100 seconds

» Tank Capacity : 0.8 liter

» Fluid Consumption Rate : 60 min / 0.8liter (100% Output)

» Machine Control : On/Off Switch , iOS & Android Device

» Weight : 4.1 Kg

» Dimensions (mm) : L 315 W 128 H 166

» Liquid Used : Antari FLR / FLG Liquid


wifi fog smoke machine, auckland
wifi fog smoke machine, auckland