Antari IP66 Fire Training Smoke Machine, 3Kw, RED

Price : $1,899.00/ea

Buy Antari IP66 Fire Training Smoke Machine, 3Kw, RED (FT-200) online from Edwards Auckland, or Contact Us to enquire and see hire options. Visit us in penrose to test and see all our Smoke and Fog Machines and other products.

Detailed Description

Fire Training Fog/ Smoke Machine, Incl W2 Wireless Remote


Antari FT-200 Fire training fog machine is water resistant, has large easy to use controls and huge smoke output. This one has 200% the output of the FT-100 and is IP 33 rated when used in vertical position. The same thoughtful design features the rugged case, large knobs for output control so you can operate it comfortably wearing gloves, but it only comes in one colour - FIRE ENGINE RED! 

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Antari FT-200 Fire Training Fog Machine


  • All new advanced steel heater block that doubles the flow rate of the FT-100, essentially increasing output by 200%.
  • IP rated case design that allows the FT-200 to be used outdoor.  
  • Sleek and compact casing design with a heavy-duty handle allows the unit to be easily transported and stored.  
  • Capable of multi-position operation allowing the unit to generate smoke in either a vertical or horizontal position. 
  • Built-in electronic timer for hands free operation.


Used For

- Voltage
- Power Consumption
- Warm up Time
- Fluid Consumption
- Fluid Tank Capacity
- Fluid
- Coverage
- Control 

- DMX Channels
- Accessories Included
- Accessories Optional 
- Dimension
- Weight
Europe/NZ : AC 230V 50HZ 9A
1,600 W
7.5 minutes (approx.)
270 ml / min (100% output)
2.4 Liters
Antari FLP Fire Training Fog Fluid
Height 8 Meters
Volume and Timer Mode
DMX 512
1 Channel
W-2 Wireless Remote
Z-3 Cable Remote
L 301 W 194 H 414 mm
16 kg


Antari FT-200 Fire training fog machine
Antari FT-200 Fire training fog machine