The 2N NetMic hardware console with microphone easily allows for live announcements or broadcast of pre-prepared files to different zones, an all-inclusive package alternative to the NetSpeaker Console with software-run application for audio over IP systems.
Easy to use/label buttons on the 2N NetMic 914071E allows for quick selection(s) of one or more zones for live announcements or to play saved messages (e.g. commercials, information announcements, music, gongs). Sound checks can be made to ensure the correct audio is being played on a particular given zone by a simple press of a button and not only can you connect anywhere in the network, you will not need a computer with pre-installed SW applications. Other than a microphone and 14 buttons the NetMic also contains external connectors to allow easily plug-in of an external microphone, CD/MP3 player or headphones and to control and set up buttons, you can use the 2N® NetSpeaker Control Panel application, which can also be used to set up the whole 2N® NetSpeaker IP audio system
Audio over IP Microphone and zone control for paging system
  • Audio-over-IP microphone control console
  • For use with 2N NetSpeaker range of audio-over-IP end points
  • Allows for connection anywhere on the network (via IP)
  • Simple configuration using 2N NetSpeaker software application
  • 'Listen in' monitoring of different zone outputs
  • Programmable buttons
  • Store and replay pre-recorded messages, tones, music, commercials, etc
  • Supplied with Gooseneck Microphone
  • Allows for connectivity of external microphone or line input (such as CD / MP3 player)
Description 914071E
Power supply 12 to 32V, max. 1A
Logical inputs Two, galvanically separated, sensitive to contact or charge from 5 to 48V
Relay output 1, galvanically separated, NO and NC contact, max. load 48V, 1A
Earphone output Jack 3.5mm, stereo, power output 2 x 30mW, min. impedance 16Ohm, DR 101dB, THD+N -85dB
Main microphone input Symmetrical, XLR, integrated phantom current of 24V, DR 88dB, THD+N -82dB
Microphone input for headset Jack 3.5mm, integrated current for electret microphones, DR 84dB, THD+N -78dB
Line input Jack 3.5mm, symmetrical mono or non-symmetrical stereo, DR 93dB, THD+N -82dB
Audio stream PCM, 44 100KHz, 16bit, Stereo (1650 kbps)
Speakers 2 built-in, stereo, power output 2 x 1W
Operating temperature 0 - 40°C
Dimensions 209(W) x 65(H) x 143(D) mm
Weight (Net) 1.60kg
Weight (Gross) 1.92kg


2N Net Mic - Paging Console with microphone

  • Product Code: 914071E

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