Wireless Microphones FAQS

How do I choose a wireless microphone?

We offer advice on what type of wireless microphone suits your purposes. Visit our webpage or download a pdf.


How do I choose a headset microphone for a fitness instructor?

It MUST be sweat resistant and state that in the guarantee. Visit our webpage or download a pdf.


Do I need a license to operate a wireless microphone legally in New Zealand?

Yes, you do. However, if your wireless microphone operates on legal NZ frequencies and meets specifications for New Zealand you are automatically granted a GUL (General User Licence) by the Radio spectrum Management team. As long as your system meets specified operating specifications and conditions you don't have to take out a licence under your own name. 


What is the legal frequency for operating UHF Wireless Radio Mics in NZ?

These are 3 legal wireless mic UHF frequency bands: 510- 606MHz and 622-698MHz and 819 to 824MHz.

You can NOT operate wireless radio microphones between 698 and 806Mhz after March 11th 2015. You can visit our webpage or download a pdf for more information.


What frequency should I choose for my wireless microphone system in New Zealand?

Wireless radio microphone users are "secondary users" under the terms of the GUL and must work around TV broadcasters. The band allocated for television was originally 518 to 806 MHz. The part of the band we have all been using for wireless radio microphones and in-ear monitors is 646 – 806 MHz (which was shared by both television broadcasters and radio microphones on a low power basis under the General user licence.)

Most Digital TV transmitters are on Channels 27 to 39 (the lower end), leaving frequencies between 622 MHz and 698 MHz mostly clear of TV transmissions (at end of 2014) across New Zealand.

We reckon the safest frequencies for new and future wireless radio microphones, wireless repeaters and In Ear Monitor systems will "most likely" be between 622 MHz and 698 MHz in New Zealand. There are no guarantees this won't change in the future. 

At Edwards we are using 624 to 698 Mhz for our wireless radio microphonesportable PA systemsFitness Audio headset systems and wireless repeaters for the portable PA systems.


Where can I check for the latest information on Digital TV and wireless microphone frequency allocation in NZ?

The Ministry has previously provided a nationwide digital terrestrial television chart to the Wireless Users New Zealand (WUNZ), which is published on their website. The Ministry also has an online real-time database (SMART) which allows any public user to find out what is licenced, and where.

This is a link to the Radio Spectrum Management page about wireless microphone frequency allocation:  http://www.rsm.govt.nz/cms/policy-and-planning/consultation/uhf-radiomicrophones-opportunities-for-future-use/uhf-radiomicophones-opportunities-for-future-use

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