What is a public address system

PA system, public address system, paging system, personal amplification system - it can be confusing. But don't worry about the terminology, just concentrate on what it does! Explanation here :)

We encounter public address systems every day in many places, without even realising the fact. Every time we enter a department store or bank, when waiting for a train, we can hear music, advertising messages and information about train arrivals and departures played over various audio systems. 

Public address systems traditionally consist of input sources (e.g. microphones), amplifiers, control and monitoring equipment, and speakers - all linked by physical cabling. PA Systems are available today that simplify the cabling and equipment requirements of the public address system by running over the local area network (LAN). Read about Audio over IP Public Address Systems.


Some examples of different contexts:

In-store Audio

amusement parks, zoos, hotels, schools, shopping centres, restaurants, airports, stations, office buildings or sports and cultural facilities shopping centres, chain stores, supermarkets 

Background Music 

wellness and fitness centres, restaurants, zoos, amusement parks, hotels, boats

Public Address Systems

schools, campuses, railway and bus stations, stadiums, hospitals, banks, factories and production halls, warehouses, offices, outdoor areas, secured buildings
Some public address systems are portable - you can read more about these here
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