Weddings, Funerals & Occasions

Weddings, Funerals & Occasions

Need to connect to remote guests?


Want to share your occasion with family and friends, or involve them in the event, be it a wedding, funeral or party?


Edwards have been connecting guests and couples for as long as streaming has been around! Watch the video below to see and hear what is involved.

Jenny talking about livestreaming at Kumeu Valley Estate:

With thanks to Kumeu Valley Estate and Perspectives


And we’ve got the room itself covered too


Edwards provide the best wedding AV including extras such as wedding lights hire and wedding video hire, as well as a selection of wedding sound systems, suitable for every venue, indoors or outdoors.


Operating in Auckland and the Upper North Island since the 1960’s, Edwards are here to help. Edwards are the Auckland wedding and party sound, projector, screen and lighting experts. Check out our blog post for some advice from our team - 10 top AV tips for weddings and Celebrants share their insights on wedding AV.


We offer three types of package:

DIY: collect and operate the sound system, video and lighting hire package yourself, but rest assured that we will talk you through everything before you leave.

Deliver, set up and test: have our crew set everything up and test all the AV hire equipment onsite. And yes, we will still take you through it all, twice if you don’t entirely trust the best man!

Deliver, set up, test and operate: have our crew set up, test plus one of our technical operators run all your sound, video and lighting for the ceremony and / or the reception. We can even video and edit the event for posterity, as well as providing our live stream service.


Within each option, we have solutions to suit your budget and your style of wedding or party.


For help planning your wedding day contact our expert hire team.

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