Sound, Video and Control System

Sound, Video and Control System

The Good Home Bar has opened on the site of the old Speights Alehouse on Normanby Road. A freshly renovated public bar, The Good Home is based on the concept of the Danish word “Hygee” which roughly translates to cosiness. The guiding philosophy for the pub is to create a “home away from home,” a place where everyone can relax, and enjoy the occasion whether it is to dine, drink or be entertained with family or friends.

Already experienced in the “Bar” business, running successful bars like “The Patriot” in Devonport, The Patriot Group recognised that the audio-visual installation would be integral to achieving this vision. Multiple studies have proven that sound quality has a significant impact on how long people feel comfortable in a space. It was imperative for The Good Home that clientele could take pleasure in the ambiance. 

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Choosing Edwards

The Patriot Group came to Edwards Sound for advice on the Mt Eden bar. “Me and my brother oversaw the renos and when we asked around Edwards’ name kept coming up for bar jobs and music systems generally,” recalls Stephen Brogan. “We got six or seven quotes but Edwards were the best on price and the most professional by far. When Dave visited he spent time asking for details and measured things out rather than just wondering around.”

Audio-Video Systems: The Proposal

Edwards offered a simple design at a reasonable cost that achieved everything that The Good Home Bar had hoped for. Edwards suggested DAS Audio Artec 500 series speakers, AudioCenter amplifiers and BSS audio zone control. Also included was the installation and programming of some large screen TV’s plus a projector and screen, all with multiple video sources. These were set up so that the Good Home staff could have different video sources showing in different areas. This could be accompanied by the audio track from that video source, or a DJ or whatever else they wanted to play. Two outdoor deck areas available for functions are covered by DAS Arco 24 speakers and there is even music in the toilets.

Critical for achieving the desired ambience was the ability to easily set appropriate volume levels via a simple and intuitive interface. The sound at the Good Home isn’t meant to be “nightclub” volume levels, “We have a dining area, we show live sports, we run quiz nights and we host functions such as engagement parties, 21st's and we have heaps of Christmas parties coming up,” explains Stephen.  That said there are some subwoofers being added shortly that will add some extra bottom end when those Christmas parties get going…

Catering to different audiences

Control System

Although the zone control for the audio and video is very high-tech, as is all the processor-controlled digital gear behind the scenes, Edwards saw no reason for visible LCD touchscreens that could detract from the heritage feel of the pub.  Instead Edwards proposed a physical source selector and volume control on the wall behind the bar that is easy to access and use. A part timer could operate the proposed system with no training. Stephen comments, “It is so simple even my brother can use it which means its awesome!”

The control system is not overkill but appropriate to the needs of the client, with some simple preset situations with the option to easily make manual adjustments as required. The five inputs include Sky Sports Box 1 and Box 2, Music, a microphone for quiz nights and an HDMI input for a computer for when people want to show presentations.


Due to the extent of the renovations, everything had to be planned very carefully. After the proposal was approved, Edwards developed a detailed audio and video design using the architect’s plans. The equipment list and budget was set, and the various stages of work were scheduled around the renovation time line – making the most of when walls were open, the ceiling open and working around painting etc. Edwards kept in touch with the Project Manager to ensure that they could take advantage the optimum time to get cabling installed, speaker brackets on the wall, bracing installed for TV’s, racks in the control room and so on.

The Install

The Final Product

Stephen is very impressed with the final product, “Edwards were professional from the start. The installation was smooth and Dave and Shane worked in really well with the team.” The post-sales support has gone above and beyond too, “One time I called them and they had someone here within the hour. It turned out the problem was mine but they still fixed it,” laughs Stephen.

Jonathan Hardie Neill, Managing Director sums up the job from Edwards perspective, “Months in the making, it is a complete revamp which will do the locals proud for many years to come.”

Job done!


8 x ARTEC508 DAS Artec 8" 300W 2-way, Music speaker system

2 x Power Amplifier: 2x800W stereo music power amplifiers

1 x DAS Vantec 18A subwoofer

3 x ARCO24T outdoor speakers

4 x ITC 60 watt audio zone amplifier

1 x BSS Soundweb BLU-100 DSP unit: 8 zone control

6 x BSS wall remote panels - 5 source select + volume control

1 x Chiayo 9000 Wireless Microphone System: Handheld

1 x 4K/UHD 6x6 HDMI to HDBase-T Matrix and 6 receivers


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