Professional Streaming Solutions

Professional Streaming Solutions

Why Web Casting / Live Streaming?

Livestreaming is the perfect solution for:

  • Virtual meetings
  • Webinars
  • Interactive workshops
  • Remote sales presentations
  • AGM's
  • Charity events
  • Auctions
  • Church services
  • Keynote addresses at conferences
  • And for social events, involving distant family and friends in a more professional way than Skype or FaceTime.

Or you may want to consider a hybrid event - offering both virtual and physical.

Special Livestreaming Packages

To support businesses with the Health & Safety and Travel Restrictions due to COVID-19/Coronavirus, we have put together some special pricing including technical support.

How Does Live Streaming Work?

Stream your meeting or event in HD to 'livestream/Vimeo', 'YouTube Live' or any other compatible server without requiring any additional equipment.

Engage participants both at the event or remotely with advanced options also available such as:
• RSS feeds for live comments scrolling on the bottom of the screen
• Twitter or Facebook feeds live on screen
• Participants vote via a website, results live on screen

Satellite Links

High quality satellite links can extend your corporate message to offices and business facilities whether they are across town, across the country or overseas - and bring in outside expertise.


Read about some of Edwards’ recent live streaming solutions

Race Unity Speech Awardstwenty-two competitions, 17 regionals, 1 Auckland regional final, 3 national semi-finals and the national final. 70 students, 70 judges, 22 MCs, 22 timekeepers, 13 regional coordinators joined remotely from their homes from all over New Zealand.

Beaming in Guest SpeakersSpeakers on the global stage shared their lessons with NZ businesses and it was 100% interactive.

Live streaming an AGMSmartpay Ltd’s AGM was streamed to remote shareholders throughout the country, and a recording was provided for those that couldn’t tune in at the time.

Web streaming from a construction siteEdwards set up a webcast from the Waterview Connection construction site, sharing the final stages with a global audience.

A satellite feedat a Trans-Tasman Awards event.

Video Testimonial from a happy client:

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