Summer Party Hire Specials 13-Dec-2021 Edwards

Summer Party Hire Specials

It’s been a while so let’s make your summer party the best it can be! Here’s some handy tips, and some unbeatable specials, from our hire team.

Think about sound – and lighting!


What you need to know about using a sound system outdoors:

There’s a lot more ambient noise and no walls to bounce sound off so -

  • Opt for a powerful speaker system and audio mixer – with stands to improve the sound quality. These days they are easy to operate and even better we will talk you through how to use them.
  • Or keep things even simpler with a battery operated portable speaker. Ours come with Bluetooth and/or a 3.5mm an audio cable to connect your iPod or phone, and a wireless handheld or lapel mic for the DJ, speeches – or a sing a long…

Work out how much battery life you will need and check with us that the PA System you chose will last the distance.

Make sure that it is all going to fit in your car and that you can wheel it or carry it to the party.


Lighting is cheap, easy to set up and take down and requires no attention during the party so you can still let your hair down. LED lights can change colour or rotate to the beat of the music, sure to impress your guests and get them moving.

You can also use uplights to light up the front entrance, light trees, light outdoor features and landmarks.


Check out our specials and start planning your Summer party.


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