Wedding Season 2020/21: Streaming Takes Off 22-Apr-2021 Edwards

Wedding Season 2020/21: Streaming Takes Off

Wedding Season 2020-21: Live streaming with some added extras to make it less remote!

As we round off a very busy wedding season, lets reflect on the newest wedding trend: live streaming the service, vows, speeches, or even the first dance.

How to live stream a wedding

Here our Account Manager Jenny shares her vast experience of how to live stream a wedding 

Making your wedding less remote

Our Hire team has collated a few cool ideas they picked up this season:

  • Sending out a parcel to virtual guests to make them feel part of the big day. You could include mini-bubbles or wedding cake.
  • Saving a seat for those loved ones who are unable to be there in person.
  • Setting up an Insta hashtag to share (approved!) photos of the wedding preps and where remote guests can interact and chat.
  • Dishing out some virtual roles. We’ve seen:

A few Best Men “working from home” and making virtual speeches.

Children creating video messages to share.

A tech whizz available to help any of the olds struggling to connect - Edwards are quite happy to take this role on too!

Top tech tips for live streaming a wedding

  • Keep things secure with a remote guest invite list. Don’t make the link publicly available.
  • Ensure that you have access to power and wired internet – Wi-Fi connections can be unreliable, and no one wants to leave their virtual guests in the dark!
  • Ask the experts to help you! Give Edwards a call and we can help put together a livestream package to suit your day, your way!
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