Paging Systems to support school emergency procedures 29-Oct-2015 Edwards

The Health & Safety Act 2015 takes effect on April 4th 2016. 
Can you communicate with your staff, students, any workers onsite and your volunteers in the event of a hazard or emergency?
  • A stranger loitering around the school buildings
  • A stray dog in the playground
  • Civil Defence Emergency - earthquake, fire, tornado, tsunami

The Principal is liable and the Board of Trustees as an entity (but not as individuals) are liable too. There are serious penalties, and the safety of staff and students at stake. One way to be prepared is to know that any member of staff can alert students and fellow workers at the push of a button in the event of an emergency. 

Audio over IP technology means that paging systems can be easily installed into schools without necessitating the expensive installation of audio cabling. Instead the audio signal is transmitted over the LAN / WAN. 
Schools can send audio to the whole school or designated zones at the click of a button:
  • Scheduled messages or alerts (using a sound of your choosing)
  • Live announcements
  • Pre-recorded emergency procedures via a “panic button” on any networked device

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