High calibre event for high calibre audience - Governance NZ 2021 22-Nov-2021 Edwards

High calibre event for high calibre audience - Governance NZ 2021

November 2nd saw virtual attendees across New Zealand participate in the premier annual gathering of Governance NZ. The country’s foremost business leaders enjoyed a high quality, highly engaging one-day discussion of what constitutes a director going forward. Presenters included speakers of the calibre of Sam Stubbs, founder of Simplicity, the not-for-profit KiwiSaver and the internationally renowned Professor Bob Garrett.

Safeguarding the prestigious Governance NZ Brand

Edwards' level of service so impressed the organisers of the 2020 event they knew they could rely on us to deliver again in 2021. Our Digital Event Producer Flavia, utilising her experience in TV production, and Harry our tech guru facilitated in-depth production meetings to ensure only the highest quality content was livestreamed, embodying the preeminent Governance NZ brand.

Crafting a noteworthy event – not simply a webinar

Pre-event, the speakers all participated in personalised presenter training sessions to ensure that they were comfortable with the technology, a cutting edge livestreaming platform. Edwards use the best tech in the business to guarantee quality TV-style content, rather than any of the low-cost platforms designed for online meetings that can result in poor quality saturated images.

Dedicated studio and operators

The event was livestreamed from our studio in Auckland with our production team and operators seamlessly switching between remote speakers, live Q&As and sponsor slots. The result was a slick polished event with all participants able to focus on the content rather than the medium of delivery, “A thought-provoking day full of inspiration, fresh perspectives and new thinking!” – Governance NZ.


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