Repairs and Service
    Repairs and Service Guidelines
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  Hours of Business
    What are our hours?

Our normal hours are:
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

Saturday morn 9:30am - 12:30pm (Closed Saturdays on long weekends)

  Refund Policy: Sales
    What if I want a refund after purchase?
    If you change your mind after completing a purchase, before we have dispatched goods to you a full refund can be organised. Just call us on the office number, 09 571 0551!
If you have already received the goods, (within 7 days of dispatch to you) an exchange can be arranged (if you chose the wrong thing) as long as all packaging is complete and is "as new" condition. A "restocking fee" of 10-20% may apply to goods you have opened up.  If we sent you the wrong thing it is no problem.
All the equipment we sell is guaranteed against faulty parts and workmanship (Foggers 6 months, all else minimum of 12 months).
  Hire Procedures
    What happens if Noise Control seize the gear?
    You pay a fine when you collect it from the council on Monday and then return it to us. Hire charges accrue until returned to our warehouse so it is best to get it back early!
    Is the equipment insured?
    Not by us while it is in your care.
You must arrange insurance for loss or damage, or check that it is covered under your "House and Contents" insurance policy
    Doesn't the bond cover damage?
    We only charge a small bond so it might cover minor damage, or maybe late hire return charges. You are liable to make good any damage or pay replacement costs if equipment is damaged or lost while on hire to you.
    What happens if I can't remember how to put all my equipment together when I get it home?
    Call us! We will talk you through the setup. Think about the signal flow. A CD player goes OUT to IN on a mixer, then the mixer goes OUT to an IN on an amplifier, which goes OUT to an IN on a speaker.
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