Budgeting an event 04-May-2022 Edwards

Budgeting an event

How to calculate your budget

Your AV company can work with any budget. Your job is simply to calculate what your budget is, and we'll do the rest! Here's how:

  1. Evaluate past events - what did you overspend on / underspend on?
  2. Do your research - you are not going to be an expert on what every vendor costs but we'll provide you with an idea for your AV costs.
  3. Create a high-level budget - list your must-haves e.g. venue, speaker, AV, food etc. and compile ball park estimates.
  4. Get management / stakeholder approval for your high-level plan.
  5. Create a more detailed itemised list and get quotes and book your vendors.
  6. Keep a tally of budgeted costs vs actual costs.
  7. Don't forget contingency (and get management approval for the contingency).
  8. Post-event evaluate your spend - where did you save, where did you go over. Keep this information for the next one :)

Advice from the professionals

Flavia, Account Manager:

“No budget is too small for an event. With Edwards you have a team of Account Managers always available to listen to your needs and tailor your event to meet your vision. We believe listening is the key to understanding our client requirements and providing them with the most cost-effective solutions to create beautiful events.”


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