DAS Audio's latest projects around the globe 09-Jun-2022 Edwards

DAS Audio's latest projects around the globe

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High end bar in Dubai - Artec-500 and the Quantum series deliver

Creativity has been taken to another level to create and design this exceptional bar in Dubai. Off the Wall is a place dedicated to art, culture and unforgettable experiences. The complexity of the decor and the urban ambience of this high end bar in an exclusive Dubai hotel posed a real challenge when it came to selecting the sound systems. DAS Audio's Quantum series offered exceptional voice intelligibility and configurable response while the full-range Artec-500 systems delivered wide bandwidth and high SPL.

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MAD, Madrid Artes Digitales - immersive experience complimented by Artec 500 and Vantec Series

This interesting cultural initiative takes the visitor through exhibition spaces, augmented and virtual reality applications and interactive tools, culminating in a fully immersive 360º room.

The visual experience has a central role in this exhibition, but to achieve a complete immersive experience, electroacoustic reinforcement was also crucial. The local supplier opted for DAS Audio sound systems, in particular the Artec500 and Vantec series,

“the sound systems have been strategically deployed to optimally cover the entire audience area, ensuring dynamic for the application and keeping pressure uniformity and tonality throughout the venue. The configuration and number of speakers is well integrated with the projection design, associating independent channels for each projected area and delivering the desired immersive audio”.

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