DAS Audio latest innovation - SARA-100 compact Line Array system 02-Nov-2023 Edwards

DAS Audio latest innovation - SARA-100 compact Line Array system

Our world leading Spanish manufacturer of professional audio solutions, DAS Audio, recently unveiled its latest innovation, the SARA-100 compact Line Array system, at the prestigious MusArt Festival held in Florence. The debut of the SARA-100 in Italy exceeded all expectations, receiving enthusiastic feedback from audio professionals and artists. The challenging acoustic environment called for a close collaboration between DAS Audio and the event production team, who worked side by side to showcase the technological advances and acoustic potential of the SARA-100 in an outstanding performance.

The SARA-100 brings to market all the advanced features of the ARA series, which proved crucial in this event. The active system features a 3000 Watt class D amplifier, two 8’’ woofers, and a 3’’ M-78N compression driver, providing a remarkable 100° horizontal dispersion. The system integrates seamlessly with the SARA-SUB single 18’’, creating a comprehensive audio solution.

The chosen configuration for the MusArt Festival adopted an L+R setup, deploying 10 units of SARA-100 on each side in con-junction with a Sub Array comprised of 12 SARA Sub units. This meticulously designed setup delivered not only exceptional clarity but also an impressive sound range that fulfilled effortlessly the acoustic requirements of the show and overcame the venue´s complex acoustics.

In addition to the hardware, the ALMA software with its user-friendly interface and comprehensive capabilities to manage the SARA-100 units, played a crucial role in optimizing the system’s performance, enabling sound engineers to fine-tune audio parameters with ease.

The successful performance not only reaffirms DAS Audio’s commitment to audio excellence but also sets a high standard for the SARA-100’s future contributions to the world of sound. As the system gains recognition and continues to impress in challenging acoustic environments, it strengthens its position as a game-changing innovation in the world of professional audio.

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