Audio-over-IP Public Address System in the news! 01-Jan-0001 Edwards

Audio-over-IP Public Address System in the news!

Edwards’ Audio-over-IP public address system is featured in the Term 3 issue of School News. Read the article (page 28!)
Why all the attention? Installing a bell and paging system through a school or commercial complex has just got significantly simpler if you have access to a local area network. Up to 100 zones of audio can be serviced across your site over your network, meaning no audio cables and straightforward installation.
Whilst IT people get it, audio professionals quake in their boots! However once you have crossed the abyss, even the most hard-core analogue demagogue is sold.
Why? Audio-over-IP offers:
- Quick installation
- Easy extension
- Savings on time and money
- Consistent sound quality across all your buildings
- Paging to individual spaces, blocks or the whole complex
Plus Edwards' audio-over-IP solution offers scheduled automated announcements and limitless bell and alert sounds for the creative types to go town and a fantastic lockdown warning system triggered by any teacher noticing a problem.
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