Art Installation - video projection in Howick Village 04-Aug-2022 Edwards

Art Installation - video projection in Howick Village

Edwards provided the ‘lights, camera, action’ for the East Auckland Art Trail, celebrating the local creative community. The exhibition included an art installation featuring images and video showcasing local art and artists projected onto a wall at Fencible Walk in Howick Village.

Edwards provided the projector on a truss stand and added extra colour and ambience with a sound system and battery powered up-lighting to give more depth to the trees in front of the venue and wall.

Our team worked side by side with organisers East Auckland Tourism Inc, visiting the location prior to ensure that the proposed wall projection would meet the client’s requirements for a statement installation. Edwards covered all bases and sub hired a pop-up marquee to make sure there was protection for the projector if needed. Our techies also thoroughly tested the video before the event, so everything was ready to go.

Client’s feedback – “Friday and Saturday evenings were perfect and the lights and video worked a treat.  Both Ben and Lisa were great. Hopefully we can do it again!”


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