Multi-Display Software and Screens


Multi-Screen Presentation

Edwards can run multiple screens as standard at any event. However for the next step up consider using Watchout Multi-Screen Presentation Software. Winner of the InfoComm 2015 Best in Show Award, Watchout is an outstanding creative toolbox for impressive multi-projector / multi-screen shows with interaction and mapping. Edwards use Watchout for live events or for large corporate shows. We are generally asked to either run picture-in-picture or create large panoramas to fill a whole screen.

Watchout can also be linked to smaller screens around the venue for digital signage and to run a single video across a whole venue - a great way to get your corporate message across!


Add a Mind-Blowing Display NEW

We have the mother of all screens available and you can experience it in our showroom, a 16 metre by 3 metre screen, measuring 6630 pixels wide and 1200 high. It simply surrounds you with screen. Blow your clients away, dominate a trade show or own a meeting. Put it this way, people won’t be looking anywhere else!


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Talk to us about hiring the whole experience - the Watchout multi-screen software, the necessary displays and our "Men in Black" to run your event and make your next corporate event a hot topic.

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