Video Recording and Production


Video Capture and Post Production

Our experienced technical crew can capture your event live and then edit it after the event, in post-production, to give you a professional video record of the meeting, presentation, training seminar, gala dinner, wedding, funeral, private party or award ceremony. We can tailor the video to meet your needs be they for promotional use, as a corporate video, training resource or as your personal record of a special event to share with friends and family.

We can produce the finished video for you and then duplicate the DVD's, USB Memory Sticks or provide you with a web link or upload the finished product to your hosted server for streaming.

Alternatively, we can simply provide you with the raw footage for your archives or for your own staff or contact to edit.


Video Live Streaming

Live video directed to video screens or projectors at your event is our forte and can give a special edge to your event. See our section on Live Streaming.


Our Service

Our complete video production service includes camera and professional operator, Manfrotto tripod, mic kit, on camera light, 4 x 500w tungsten lights and local travel in and around Auckland City. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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