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This is an update on an installation project that began in 2015. A community-funded initiative, the programme was broken down into two stages to tie in with fund raising efforts. To recap, the first stage involved designing and installing the AV for a new two storey multi-purpose community venue. The existing space only had a data projector and screen with a pair of wall mounted speakers. Edwards upgraded the facilities to include a new sound system, lighting, data projectors and screens. Read more

A year later Edwards returned to St Heliers to work on the second stage of the project, the installation of the most innovative, cost-effective and easiest-to-use room control solution on the market – Kramer’s K-Touch.

K-Touch Automation Solution

K-Touch lets users control any device in the room from any iOS or Android touchscreen. It runs over Ethernet (Cat 5) cables, standard issue these days in any corporate, education, church or entertainment environment. It will work with over 100 devices such as lights, screens, sound and data projectors. Many non-ethernet devices can also be connected via a Kramer or third party “adaptor” if they use RS-232, GPIO, relays or Infrared. You can turn equipment on or off, adjust volume, brightness and lighting or make life really easy by using pre-configured settings for small meetings, whole hall, a dance class and so on.

For the St Heliers' staff, K-Touch made possible something that would otherwise have been completely outside of their budget. Without this cutting edge new technology, the cost of a control system would have been significant. K-Touch is a percentage of that cost. 

Not only is it a cost-effective solution but it also ticked a number of other boxes. The St Heliers’ team do not have any experience with control systems, yet they have embraced 

K-Touch. It is simple to understand and use. Even better, if St Heliers do hit a stumbling block, Edwards can hop online and provide remote cloud based support in minutes. No call out charges and an immediate solution. Similarly, Edwards can remotely manage any updates required for the system.

K-Touch is the answer that small to medium sized businesses or entertainment venues, plus schools and churches have been waiting for: a cost-effective, simple to use and well supported automation system.

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