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For Live music in Auckland there is now a venue you can actually enjoy the sound system quality along with the bands' performance. At 7 Sale St, Freemans Bay in Auckland City the Sweat Shop Brew Bar now offers the best available live sound system of any New Zealand venue. You can check it out on Friday and Saturday nights. 

There you will find some of the best speakers you can get - The DAS Convert 15A the band is playing through feature the very latest innovations in the professional sound industry.

You may not believe your ears at first - there are only four speakers at the stage. Two very high tech "Mid-High" speakers - Convert-1590A are suspended from the ceiling and do the bulk of the work. They are actually designed to be hung in groups of two or four, (but that would be silly here!) and used as a Line array for larger venues. They can be controlled with "DAS-net" software, or used as a stand-alone speaker as we have done here. 

Loaded with specially designed speakers, made in the Spain factory and extremely powerful amplifiers these speakers will produce any volume of sound output you ask them to with no distortion.

The SubWoofers are on the floor - just two of them but with the new DAS extended excursion drivers - they move more air than a man named Kim. Low frequency, extremely efficient - they sound incredible and look nice too!  The DAS SX-218A sub is not the most expensive in the range either.

It is not one of those situations where you need specially tuned  "golden ears" to experience the pleasure - anyone can actually hear the difference immediately. The performers and artists love it because they know they sound great, the compliments flow and the bar managers are pleased because the audience stays and enjoys the night.  

It is hard to pinpoint what it is, but the combination of the refurbished venue, energised, proud and friendly staff, high quality acts and the best quality DAS Audio speaker system you can get all combine to create a very special vibe.

Sale St Bar DAS Sound System Auckland



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