Portable PA System FAQs

What is a Portable PA System?

A PA system or public address system ensures the audience hears the presenter or performer clearly. It picks up signals from a microphone or audio device such as an iPod, converts acoustic sound to electronic and processes and blends it. The signals are then amplified with a power amplifier and sent to the audience via speakers. Portable systems simplify life because rather than buying and setting up all the components required (mixer, amplifier, speakers, stands, cables etc.), it all comes in one convenient package just like Ed Sheeran and his guitar. OK to look at, great to listen to, not overly complicated and travels easily!


How do I choose the right Portable PA System for my needs?

Edwards stock a range of Portable PA Systems to meet the very different needs of our clients. We have helped many a PTA member, school executive officer, church group volunteer, Aerobics and Zumba instructor choose the right solution for their needs, so feel free to call us! Or if you want to do some needs analysis with your colleagues in advance, here’s what you should find out: visit the webpage or download the pdf


I know what I need, what would you recommend?

Our 2018 recommendations 


Can you help with all the Portable PA System terminology?

Yes we can: emergency systems, voice priority, crossover, active and passive, recording features, remote control front and rear, anti-interference Pilotone circuitry, Class D amplifier - all explained: visit the webpage or download the pdf

Should I upgrade my Portable PA System?

If you have an old PA System and are thinking about replacing it, do talk to us first with your list of needs. You may not need a completely new PA System but just an add-on or some parts replaced. However, these modern portable sound systems have modular add-ons, extended battery life, better sound quality, are more durable and have options galore that the older sets don't offer so it could be false economy to patch up an old system.

We are more than happy to test and evaluate your existing systems and will give you an honest opinion. If your old system incorporates wireless mics we can also check that they are on legal frequencies for you too. As of 11th March 2015 using the 698-806 MHz frequency range is no longer permitted and compliance action will be taken against you if you use them: visit the webpage or download a pdf


How do I extend my Portable PA System?

Some PA systems allow you to extend their reach by adding additional speakers known as slave speakers. These can be either active or passive speakers, and the requirements are different for each.  The recommendation will depend on your amplifier's power and capacity remaining, and how many speakers you need to add to it. Often an extra speaker can be added to your system easily, but sometimes more may stress the amplifier or overload things. Read more on the webpage or download a pdf


How do I use my portable PA System?


How do I connect my mic or my bluetooth device such as an iPhone?


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