Web Streaming & Satellite Linking

Web Streaming

Stream your meeting or event in HD to livestream, YouTube Live or any other compatible server without requiring any additional equipment.

Engage participants both at the event or remotely:
• Incorporate RSS feeds for live comments scrolling on the bottom of the screen
• Display (vetted if you wish!) Twitter feeds live on screen
• Let participants vote via a website, results live on screen
• Add a Facebook feed (again vetted if you wish!), perhaps playing alongside a presentation

It includes a complex scaler that can input multiple different video formats with ease and does not require external scan converters.

Satellite Links

High quality satellite links can extend your corporate message to offices and business facilities whether they are across town, across the country or overseas - and bring in outside expertise.

Opportunities for Use

Web streaming is great for AGM's, charity events, auctions, interactive workshops, keynote addresses, talent shows, less formal dinners and involving overseas family and friends in a wedding at a slightly more professional level than Skype or FaceTime.

Learn more about how we've used web streaming with our client Well-Connected Alliance

Read about Livestreaming in two Chinese speakers at the NZ Export/ EMA Conference GoGlobal 2016

High quality satellite can broadcast your events live to the people that matter.

See a satellite feed in action at a Trans-Tasman Awards event.

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