Audio over IP Paging Systems FAQs

Audio over IP / Paging Systems / Public Address Systems - FAQs


What is a public address system?!

PA system, public address system, paging system, personal amplification system - it can be confusing. But don't worry about the terminology, just concentrate on what it does! Explanation here :)


We have no audio cabling, but are looking for a paging system?

If your LAN network goes to anywhere near where you need speakers we can help! Learn the basics of Audio over IP. Read more

What features does this paging system offer over and above simple announcements?

There are almost unlimited features and ways to configure the speakers and zones - limited only by your imagination - Learn about the features of the 2N audio system. Read more


We want something simple to use to make announcements from in the administration block?

Your office staff can use any VOIP phone - we set up an extension (as many as needed) you can dial and it gets connected to any group of speakers or for maximum ease of use consider the 2N Netmic. *Note for more extensions your PbX supplier may require you to purchase licenses  Read more


We already have an old Soundcraft system with speakers in every room. Can we use these?

Yes quite often, Edwards can integrate existing systems into the newer technologies to a small or large extent. The scheduling software can control one output device that connects to your "old" system.  Contact us for more information

We already have a paging system but would like to add some of these features?

Yes again! Edwards can add in certain features. The server software and scheduler is provided with even the smallest interface so you can connect into literally any PA system quite easily and add some of the clever automation. You get the most benefit with a full implementation but we are often asked to create a hybrid system re-using some of the old equipment.   Contact us for more information

Is there an App?

Yes! The iOS app is easy to use and works on the same network to choose playlists and zones, control volume and trigger messages. This would enable you to use it for home music playback also. It is free on the App Store. Contact us for more information.


We want to broadcast across a number of sites on differing LANs/WANs?

2N have developed a powerful system for their audio over IP devices to stay in touch with their server providing audio over the internet spanning multiple IP networks. One chain in Turkey now has 1500 stores connected but there are many more smaller installations. Read more


Not all our audio is digital. We still use CD Players, a microphone or want to share an FM Radio Station?

2N have an accessory that will convert your analogue signals into digital and stream them over the network. Read more

Will this system work as an intercom system too, allowing two-way communication?

Yes. 2N offer SIP, an alternative audio over IP system that allows a two-way conversation as well as streaming communications. We use IP speakers wherever possible as the audio quality is better, but when 2-way is required SIP is the answer.  Read more


We are considering a paging system for worker health and safety, what features does this system offer?

As well as desktop microphones for speech, the system can include a "Panic Button" that sits as a hyperlink on every networked PC and device, or a push-button trigger for a prerecorded message to be played through certain zones - for example, a Nurse Call button, or a shop counter "request for more staff" . A double-click will trigger a pre-recorded message to be played across any group of speakers.

The speakers have built in amplifiers of 14 watts RMS - is that loud enough for a full classroom?

Yes, more than loud enough. There are a few different parts to the answer which we won't go into here, but speaker power is often exaggerated and referred to as Peak Power or PMPO so 14 watts RMS can be advertised as 140 watts peak or 1400 watts PMPO - there are no rules and you are deceived all the time. Even RMS power is almost irrelevant if you don't know the technical data of speaker components. Trust us when we say that the speaker and amplifier combinations are suitable.  It is easy to add extra amplification and more speakers if required.  

What about latency and delay between speakers and different zones over the network?

There's none! When an announcement (or any broadcast) is made, the system controls the audio streams and everything is coordinated and there is no delay except from the initial 40ms converting your voice into a digital stream. i.e. The sound comes out of all the speakers at the same time (unless you want to add delay which is adjustable for each speaker).

The 2N® IP Audio Manager acts as an NTP server and periodically synchronises all 2N IP Audio end points automatically.

This automatic synchronisation function ensures that there are no issues with time alignment, phasing or delay between any two speakers, either in the same zone, or between multiple adjacent zones when using 2N Audio over IP.


Is the equipment available via a leasing arrangement or a rent-to-buy over 3-5 years? 

Yes, the outlay can be a hit in one lump sum so Edwards works with finance companies who can spread the cost and we can help set up an operating lease, rental or rent to buy. It can probably be added to the same facility as the photocopiers or other office equipment you already have in place. If not, a new deal is waiting to begin - subject to acceptance by the finance company.

What technical information do we need to think about prior to installation?

This guide is for you and your IT people to check that the bases are covered and that everything you will need is included in your budget. Read more
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