Thermal Sensor

For event venues, their suppliers, customers and event managers (surely everyone!) the desire is to get back to "normal". Unfortunately, that is a dream right now and there will be limitations and precautions required when any gathering takes place, and probably for some time into the future.  

Thermal sensors to monitor human temperature range

Our Thermal Sensor products are tuned for the human temperature range, and are one additional precaution you can take for peace of mind when hosting an event. You can be reasonably sure that a guest does not have a fever before you let them in.

These are not medical devices and can't stop anyone from catching a virus, but testing at the door is reported to have an 84% accuracy. You can reduce the risk instead of trying to rely solely on social distancing and masks. The past three months have shown that many people do not respect the rules when given the chance unfortunately.

The main intended purpose of these products is to help detect people with a potential fever and sound a warning before they enter a premises so they can be denied entry, or handled more cautiously if allowed in. 

If the temperature of the person being scanned exceeds 37.3°C a warning comes up on the screen and a warning sound is heard. Some of the products log the results in a CSV file for examination at a later date, and can be programmed to send HTTP commands to 3rd party software and devices. Other products just check temperature and sound an alarm if 37.4 deg C is exceeded; still useful, but more labour intensive if it is a handheld scanner.

Non-Contact Thermal Sensor. No software required

Product Code: TS-01F

This is a non-contact thermal sensor built for fast and accurate human thermal detection. Th...

$1,445.00 (GST Excl.)

Non-Contact Thermal Scanner

Product Code: SMC-FTAB01

Infrared Forehead scanner. Handheld device with quick temperature check and alarm if over 38 deg C i...

Contactless Hand Sanitiser Dispenser on Floorstand

Product Code: SANITISER

Automatic, battery operated contactless sanitiser dispenser. With floor stand and square base. ......

$299.00 (GST Excl.)


Product Code: HPHSN70

Four x 5 litre bottles of 70% alcohol sanitizer is perfect as a refill for our sanitiser s...

$209.00 (GST Excl.)