School Paging Systems

School bell, paging and announcements, emergency lockdown and public address system


School paging system equipment

Public Address for school and commercial premises: bell scheduler, live announcements, alarms and paging.   

Ideal technology for school paging systems, large industrial complexes, commercial premises, retail and shopping centres. Cost effective, high quality sound and reliable technology using your network.  

Sophistication made simple. Public address systems with IP speakers and 2-way intercoms for security, emergency, school bell and paging, (i.e. Lockdown warning, closing time messages and background music (BGM)).

Quick configuration and easy expansion of your PA system for broadcasting messages across large wide-spread areas such as schools, malls and industrial complexes. From alarm interfaces, lockdown messages, day to day announcements and paging messages to the scheduled bell and classroom sound systems.

An optional App is also available that can be used to make live announcements or play pre-recorded messages (i.e. lockdown) or music files from anywhere on your network via your smartphone.

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IP Desktop Paging Microphone with 7" Touch Screen

Product Code: T-7702A

Desk microphone and paging console for IP paging system. Select multiple paging zones or a single ar...

Wall mount classroom speaker (7700 series, PoE 10W)

Product Code: T-S7608

Cost effective wall-mounted active speaker for IP audio paging system. One of these would go in each...

IP Classroom Speaker with steel grill (active, 20w)

Product Code: T-7707N

IP speaker with  microphone and Aux inputs, plus the network adapter to receive the p...

IP Classroom Wallmount Speakers (active, pair)

Product Code: T-7707

IP Network speaker. Comes as a pair with one active and one passive speaker. Dual 10W amplifier buil...

IP Classroom Speakers with bluetooth headset mic

Product Code: T-7707BG

IP Network speaker with Bluetooth Headset Microphone. Comes as a pair with one active and one passiv...

IP Network Audio Interface and Stereo Amplifier

Product Code: T-7705S

Wall-mounted classroom amplifier for T-7700 IP network audio system. Two low-impedance speaker conne...

IP Network Fire Alarm Panel (16 input)

Product Code: T-7723

16 input alarm interface panel - Rack mount design; 1U. T-7700 series IP Audio system. Allows trigg...

ALERT / EVAC / CHIME / CANCEL buttons on plate

Product Code: A2081

Alarm buttons for IP Audio paging system. 3 buttons to start the selected alarm message playing. A c...

$199.00 (GST Excl.)

IP Emergency Intercom Panel (One Button)

Product Code: T-7703

T-7700 series intercom - single button Rectangle flush-mount design; Solid structure; Protective ...

2 button Intercom (for 7700 system)

Product Code: T-7703E

T-7700 series intercom - dual button Rectangle flush-mount design; Solid structure; Protective ra...

IP Network PA and Intercom Software (77 Series)

Product Code: T-7700R

IP Audio System management and control software for 7700 series equipment. Installed on a Windows...

60 watt Network amplifier - (77 series)

Product Code: T-7760

Network IP audio amplifier available in various sizes from 60, 120, 240, 350 and 500 watt at 4-16O o...

120 watt Network amplifier - (77 series)

Product Code: T-77120

IP network power amplifier - 120 WRMS. Network IP audio amplifier available in various sizes from 6...

8 Zone x 240W Network Amplifier - (77 series),

Product Code: T-77240Z

240 watt power amplifier with 8 speaker zones for 7700 series IP Audio systems.

500 watt Network amplifier - (77 series)

Product Code: T-77500

Network IP audio amplifier- 500 watts...  available in various sizes from 60, 120, 240, 350 and...

6W 4" ceiling speaker (1.5, 3, 6W), 130Hz-16KHz

Product Code: T-104

4" 100v Ceiling Speaker with 1.5w, 3w and 6w taps. Aluminium grill and metal enclosure, white ...

$21.00 (GST Excl.)

6W 5" ceiling speaker (1.5, 3, 6W), 110Hz-15KHz

Product Code: T-105L

5" Ceiling Speaker

$26.00 (GST Excl.)

6" 9w Ceiling speaker, 3-6-9W /100v. Cutout 170mm

Product Code: T-106U

The T-106U is a 6", 9watt ceiling speaker with incorporated 70v/100v transformer and quick-fit ...

$33.05 (GST Excl.)

6" 10w Ceiling speaker, 1.25-2.5-5-10W /100v.

Product Code: T-206BC

The T-206BC is a music quality 6" ceiling speaker with incorporated 70v/100v transformer and qu...

$47.83 (GST Excl.)

Box Speaker, Vandal "resistant" housing, louvred front

Product Code: BOXSPKR

An unobtrusive, but very loud outdoor speaker designed to be used where stolen speakers and theft ar...

$359.00 (GST Excl.)

Outdoor 15W/100v horn speaker, IP66 7.5-15W

Product Code: T-720B

15W IP66 Weatherproof ABS Paging Horn Waterproof horn speaker for outdoor applications Extreme wide ...

$73.91 (GST Excl.)

50W/100V Music quality outdoor horn speaker, IP66

Product Code: T-710K

The T-710K horn speaker is a weatherproof music quality outdoor speaker with built-in 100v transform...

$242.61 (GST Excl.)