DAS Aero Line Array Speakers

DAS LineArray Speaker

The new Aero Line Array series provides audio professionals with exceptional speaker performance from ultra-compact enclosures. The easy to handle units can be configured into arrays that are powerful and predictable - quick to set up, configure and pack-down. 

The Aero-40A Line Array was launched in New Zealand on 12 Feb 2015!  Highlights Video Here


The new Advanced Series uses some ground-breaking technology and components developed in-house at DAS. The new DASnet control software, the new high frequency waveguide and the purpose built transducers for a start. Here is the official Aero-40A specification

Line arrays have been specially designed so when several units are combined vertically the whole system behaves as one single sound source. Generally speaking that’s what makes them different from the conventional speaker systems. But how do they work? This article develops the principles behind the line array theory for a complete understanding of what line arrays are.

Author: Joan La Roda, D.A.S. Audio, Engineering Department    Download Article (PDF, 536 KB)

Case Studies

DAS Audio Line Array systems are used all over the world. 

Music Festival in Guatemala


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Presenting DAS Audio Aero 40A Advanced line Array System:

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