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Automation and Control Systems


What is automation?

The dictionary definition is “to reduce human intervention to a minimum.” Edwards entirely agree.

Our automation engineers strive to transform our clients’ offices, boardrooms, training facilities, venues, classrooms or churches into magical places where the technology is intuitive. Bliss.


How do you automate?

Intelligent pre-programmed control systems run the show at the press of a button – onsite or even remotely. Once dauntingly expensive, these control systems can now be as simple as some software installed on your iPad, or sophisticated enough to run your entire building, from security to aircon to AV to blinds. They can even turn your coffee machine on ready for when you arrive at work.

Edwards are designers, programmers and installers of Crestron and Kramer, both world-renowned control systems.

Edwards will define your needs and identify and customise a control system to suit your budget and operational requirements.


What can you automate?

Many clients just keep it simple - a panel to manage a data projector or to re-set everything to how we left it (great for schools, churches, conference venues!) Or others integrate lighting, audio, video, heating, blinds, security, even booking systems. Control systems run over Ethernet (CAT 5 cable) and can also connect to non-Ethernet devices using adaptors and interfaces. 


Why do you automate?

Many reasons.

1) To save money. Control systems make life simpler, meaning meetings and events require less time for set up – any member of staff can press the button. And you get better return on investment on your entire infrastructure as it becomes better utilised.

2) To save the environment (and to save more money). Control systems reduce power usage by ensuring that everything is switched off when not in use, and that lighting and heating are used appropriately.

3) To impress your clients. Trying to find the remote control is a thing of the past, as is adjusting the data projector angle, deafening your attendees or failing to find the on switch on the side of the TV. Enjoy appearing smooth and sophisticated instead.

4) To transform your workspace / learning space. Commercial spaces and classrooms or training rooms are expected to be so much more these days. Whether you are calling them innovative learning environments or agile workplaces or encouraging non-territorial desking and BYOD, control systems will create the smart space that you require.

5) For peace of mind (and to save even more money). You, or your AV support team, will be able to access the control system anytime anywhere, as will Edwards if required. If a technophobe is using the room, there will be no emergency dash from the other side of town – you can just use an app on your phone.

6) For your sanity! Automation is also the ability to press 'reset to normal' and have all the fiddling done by unauthorised people wiped and your system working like it did when we left you with it :) 


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Or contact our Automation Specialists to discuss your requirements:

Work DCA 1 amplifier with digital audio matrix

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