Coach Portable Sound

Coach Portable Sound System

Battery Powered, superb sound quality, wireless microphone ready and has a USB audio memory stick for recording your meeting or speeches and also ready to play pre-recorded messages or music.

Two emergency sirens and a hand held cable microphone included. The Coach 400 is very portable, loud and clear, high quality sound and audible over a large area. Great for speech and music.

Comes with a mini handheld microphone and carry bag.  The USB mp3 player means you can record meetings etc and play messages, music or advertising etc and talk over the top (auto ducking the music). Clever design eliminates all cables so you can take it anywhere and it has excellent quality sound.

And it is loud - the Class D amplifier produces a music output of 40W! The built-in sirens are perfect for sports fields and getting attention when you have noise and activity going on. Every Coach unit comes shipped standard with a small handheld microphone and cable, shoulder carry bag with pockets for accessories and transmitters and a liftable front panel so you can still use the Coach over your shoulder facing either forwards (for addressing a group) or backwards (for guided mobile tour groups) inside the carry bag!

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