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audio over ip

Audio over IP. A reliable and straightforward method using your existing LAN to get audio (music, paging, emergency announcements, bells) around a single premises, large industrial or military complex, multiple sites and or countries.  

The advantages are many - reliability, remote support is available, the flexibility and the cost of installation - using existing infrastructure. Automatic bells and scheduling of pre-recorded announcements, or make live announcements whenever required.

Need to move a speaker? Just relocate it - and when you reconnect it to the network it reconnects itself to your system.

The Audio over IP solutions we have are highly configurable and can be stand-alone, serverless boxes or as complex and automated as you need.  connect to fire alarms, external panic buttons, VoIP phone systems.

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2N SIP Mic Organic Paging Console with mic. PoE.

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2N Helios IP OEM Audio Kit (PoE, SIP)

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2N Helios IP - OEM Audio Kit Lite (Not PoE)

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The 2N® Audio Kit Lite comes complete with connectors for a single pushbutton. Id...

2N - Net Audio Encoder - Analogue to IP Audio

Product Code: 914075E

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