Stage Pro and Stage Man Portable PA systems are loaded with professional audio features making them suitable for everything from professional street and stage performance, public address and meetings, sports field and playground PA use to corporate meetings and conference audio.

A complete range of expansion modules allow Bluetooth connection, MP3 recording and playback, wireless microphone receivers, and a wireless repeater system expands the coverage area for speech and music.

The Stage Pro Portable PA system is customisable and is priced with no optional modules installed. Please speak to us when ordering to ensure you end up with the right combination for you. We'll fit everything and test it all before dispatching to you.

It is powerful, super compact, only weighs 13kg, the sound quality is excellent, and priced very competitively. There isn't currently anything at this level able to compete with the Stage Pro for audio, quality and price. Call us to arrange a demo or trial, or drop in to our showroom to see it yourself.  

Small, light, and powerful, the Stage Series will fill any room with sound - without filling your stage. Boasting a range of optional features including Bluetooth connectivity, media playback & recording. 

Explore the Stage Pro:

The Stage Man - this is very similar to the Stage Pro but 100 watts RMS, not bi-amped and with slightly less mixing facilities, but also modular so offers serious flexibility. Watch the video below or talk to us for advice on which best suits your requirements.



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Portable Sound System / Stage Pro PA-1500
Portable PA system for all public address indoor and outdoor speech, vocal and live music, school and stage performance. Add-on modules are available such as a bluetooth receiver, digita... Learn More
Portable Sound System / Stage Man PA Speaker
Stage Man multifunctional portable PA system with Extension Speaker output jack. Very similar to the Stage Pro but 100 watts RMS, not bi-amped and slightly less mixing facilities. The Chiayo Stage Man is a ... Learn More
Companion Speaker for Stage Man PA
Passive 8ohm companion / extension speaker for Stage Man portable PA.  Will work with any amplifier driving a 4-8ohm load. Comes with 10metre cable included, but you can extend further as required.... Learn More
Wireless Handheld Mic (100 ch) 624Mhz LCD
SQ-6100 IrDA handheld wireless radio microphone - 100 channel, Metal body and Condenser mic capsule - compatible with the SDR-8100m module for Stage Pro, Challenger, Focus and QR-4000/2000N, and also the IrDA Stan... Learn More
Wireless Microphone Bodypack SM6100 624Mhz LCD
Bodypack wireless radio microphone transmitter pack and lapel microphone. 100 channel UHF -compatible with t... Learn More
Active Slave Speaker for Stage Pro Portable PA
Extend your Stage Pro PA system with the matching slave speaker. To extend the coverage or simply add a matching speaker this wireless powered speaker is the complement to our StagePro portable pa. Conn... Learn More
Tripod Speaker Stand. 35mm. Black.
Aluminium Tripod Speaker Stand. Heavy Duty Speaker Stand. Black. Learn More
100Ch LCD Wireless Mic Receiver Module, IrDA 624
UHF 100-frequency 2-way sync. diversity wireless microphone receiver module with LCD display. Can be used in Stage Pro, Focus 505 and Focus Pro, Apex, and new Challenger Portable PA and the QR-2000N and 4000N modu... Learn More
Wireless Repeater TX Module 100 Channel, 650mhz
UHF radio transmitter for repeater system. Compatible with the wireless microphone receivers, it can be used to transmit to any of your other compatible portable systems when you are not u... Learn More
Digital  Recorder / Player Module- .MP3 (USB + SD)
Record your meeting or performances to mp3 files on SD or USB stick. (The pic shows the DP-500m which does not have the record function) Digital recorder module for Stage Pro portable PA systems. <stron... Learn More
Bluetooth Receiver Module for Portable PA System
Bluetooth receiver module - add this to your Stage Pro portable Pa system for instant BlueTooth audio link from your phone or iPod. Also check out the DP-500m and the DPR-500m for digital recording of your event t... Learn More
Digital Player Module for Portable PA's MP3 USB/SD
DP-500M MP3 player module for StagePro and focus Portable PA systems. Features Able to read MP3 files in the USB ... Learn More
Lithium Rechargeable battery for StagePro
Rechargeable lithium battery <li style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51); font-family: Arial, He... Learn More
Trolley for StagePro Portable PA in SB81 Carry Bag
Trolley for all stage series portable PA systems</f... Learn More
Carry Bag for 1 x Stage Pro Portable PA System
Quality carry bag and protective cover for Stage Pro portable PA system. Pockets for microphones, charger / power supply and spare batteries etc. &nbsp; Learn More