End of Year Stock Clearance

Samples, end of line, ex-demo, ex-hire gear or items with damaged packaging are all on special. Limited quantities so contact us today!
All the products have been fully tested and everything is working and complete. However the box might have been opened for a demo or the unit may be ex-hire and have a scratch or two. The description below gives full details on the condition of each item.

Unsure what meets your needs? Contact our sales team for advice.

You are welcome to check equipment out in store, or call for more information on condition. PLEASE don't order the Ex-Hire speakers through our shopping cart as the $10 freight will not apply to anywhere outside Auckland. The prices are ex-Edwards (Penrose) and we'll find the best freight rate for you and charge at cost if you do need it shipped.
The "Price Was" is there for the ex-hire items as an indication of what it cost back in the day so you can gauge the relative quality of the item.


We regularly ship outside New Zealand but overseas purchases cannot be completed on our website. Please email us with your order.

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1.2 * 2.4m decks complete (300mm steel frame riser)
ALL SOLD. Stage riser frame and wooden decks. 1.2 x 2.4 particle board with some carpet tiles on top. 300mm high, the steel frames collapse for storage. Learn More
DAS "Compact" Active Sound System - 4kw
DAS Audio Compact PA System 3 way mid-high and an 18inch  Subwoofer, all powered and ready to go - 2 x COMPACT115A, 2 x COMPACT18A.  Learn More
EPM1050 10 Ch. Instrument / Vocal Amplifier 250Wx2
EW EPM1050s Mixer/ Amplifier. 2 x 250W RMS at 4 ohms. Ten channels w/ EQ. Studio quality effects section, speakon output. Learn More
Was : $1,499.00/ea
Now : $460.00/ea
Active wall-mount monitor 5"+1.5"  (white/pair)
Stereo pair of powered monitors - a speaker set consisting of a passive loudspeaker and an active loudspeaker with 2 x 20watt RMS amplifiers built in. 5" wide range drivers deliver a balanced and high quality... Learn More
Was : $399.00/pr
Now : $299.00/pr
D.A.S. 15" 700w 2-way music speaker system
The RF-15.64 is a passive/active two-way speaker system for fixed or portable sound reinforcement systems with a rotatable horn and plenty of power handling ability. An internal crossover network with rear located... Learn More
Was : $3,600.00/PR
Now : $1,095.00/PR
Single 15inch Cabinet 450W RMS DAS loaded
Our Full Range 400 watt single 15 inch with 1 inch CD horn speakers are loaded with DAS Audio drivers. Full range, high quality speaker cabinet, professionally built and tuned. Speakon connectors / loop through.&n... Learn More
Was : $3,600.00/PR
Now : $450.00/PR
McCauley 15" + 1inch Horn/471 2 way Full Range
McCauley components in a NZ professionally built speaker cabinet. 19mm marine ply, carpet covered, full range 450 watt single 15 inch and 1 inch CD horn. Full range, high quality speaker cabinet.  ... Learn More
Was : $7,300.00/PR
Now : $747.50/PR
Dual 15inch Cabinet 900W RMS DAS loaded (pair)
Dual 15 inch Full Range DAS loaded cabinet with 2 inch CD horn professionally built in NZ from 19mm marine ply, braced, ported and carpet covered. These are one of the nicest (smooth, fully rounded and ... Learn More
Was : $6,000.00/PR
Now : $785.00/PR
McCauley Dual 15" (2 x B1540) Front Loaded subwoofer
McCauley components in a NZ professionally built vented speaker cabinet. 19mm marine ply, carpet covered, 800 watt subwoofer. Dual 15 inch bass speakers in a high quality speaker cabinet.  ... Learn More
Was : $5,500.00/PR
Now : $798.00/PR
DS-12 2 way, 12" + 1" CD horn 300w speaker, Full Range
DAS DS-12 single 12 inch and 1 inch CD horn speaker. Full range, high quality 300 watt speaker cabinet. Speakon connectors / loop through.   SPEC SHEE... Learn More
Was : $1,099.00/PR
Now : $345.00/PR
DS-15 2 way, 15" + 1" CD horn 350w speaker, Full Range
DS15 Full Range 400 watt single 15 inch and 1 inch CD horn. Full range, high quality speaker cabinet. Speakon connectors / loop through.  The official specs on these range from 350-400w. All the on... Learn More
Was : $1,299.00/PR
Now : $425.50/PR
RF 215 Bi-Amp / Full Range DAS speaker. 1100w
DAS RF-215 dual 15 inch and 2 inch CD horn. Bi-ampable or use full range, high quality vented speaker cabinet loaded with components made by DAS. 4 pole Speakon connectors / loop through 2-way ... Learn More
Was : $6,900.00/PR
Now : $898.00/PR
ST-110 D.A.S. Speaker - ex hire speakers
DAS ST-110 10 inch + 2 inch CD horn 400 watt mid-High speaker cabinet loaded with components made by DAS in Spain. 8 Available at print time 3-way very high efficiency mid-high compact unit</li... Learn More
Was : $6,900.00/PR
Now : $450.00/PR
ST-215 2x15"+2" ND horn 108db DAS Long throw speaker
DAS ST-215 Long Throw dual 15 inch + 2 inch Neodymium CD horn. Mid-high speaker cabinet loaded with components made by DAS. &nbsp;4 Available (Please call us to check stock) 2-way&nbsp;high eff... Learn More
Was : $9,800.00/PR
Now : $862.50/PR
ST 218: 2x18", 1200w DAS Sub, 139dB, 35-300Hz, 4ohm
DAS ST-218 Loud, deep and aggressive dual 18 inch subwoofer cabinet. 35~300Hz, 139dB SPL/1mtr &nbsp; &nbsp;(Please call us to check stock) High efficiency folded-horn bass unit 2... Learn More
Was : $4,499.00/ea
Now : $690.00/ea
D.A.S. SX-218 2000W Subwoofer speaker system
The SX-218 is a high-power subwoofer system designed to provide outstanding performance in terms of output power, bandwidth extension and distortion. The SX-218 incorporates two 18SX... Learn More
Was : $3,999.00/ea
Now : $1,999.00/ea

Pre-amplifier Code: PP9113

The PP-9113 is a versatile, high-performance mixer/pre-amplifier suited for installation in commercial an... Learn More
Was : $599.00/ea
Now : $129.00/ea
2 way\3 way electronic crossover
Inter-M, 2way/3way Active Crossover, variable crossover points. Learn More
Was : $599.00/ea
Now : $125.01/ea
Challenger 1000 Portable Sound System with CD
Ex Hire previous model with CD player, 1 wireless microphone receiver, 1 handheld wireless microphone and 1 speaker stand.&nbsp; OPTIONS Add a Bluetooth Receiver Module for $... Learn More
Was : $2,400.00/ea
Now : $999.01/ea
Anchor Liberty PA with 1 Mic and Extn Speaker
Anchor Liberty portable PA system with extension speaker and handheld wireless microphone. AC/DC powered, good quality, made in the USA. CD player built in. We&#39;ll include 2 x speaker stands and a 20... Learn More
Was : $3,995.00
Now : $998.99

Ecler DJ mixer Code: CONCEPT3

Ecler DJ mixer
ALL SOLD OUT.&nbsp; &nbsp;Concept 3 Ecler DJ Mixer. Made in Spain, another quality product that has been to a lot of parties. Lucky he can&#39;t talk. Inputs:&nbsp; 2 x CD, 2 x Phono&nbsp; Ou... Learn More
Was : $899.00/ea
Now : $57.50/ea
Numark table top DJ CD/MP3 player
ALL SOLD OUT.&nbsp; The Axis 4 tabletop CD player offers professional features at an introductory price. The two seamless loop points and three stutter starts allow for endless creative options. An included tap BP... Learn More
Was : $799.00/PR
Now : $50.00/PR
Was : $499.00
Now : $299.00
HZ-100 Antari Haze Machine. Standard Hazer
The HZ-100 comes equipped with an efficient, maintenance-free air compressor where no external parts are required. This compact size lends itself to stage, concert and movie work. For... Learn More
Was : $999.00/ea
Now : $699.00/ea
Antari IP1000: IP63, Splash proof, 1Kw fog machine
ALL SOLD OUT.&nbsp; &nbsp;Once again through Antaris experience and technical know-how an innovative idea has been brought to reality. Antari is pleased to introduce the very latest i... Learn More
Was : $799.00
Now : $398.99
DMX / manual control stage fan, adjustable angle, metal
Antari Effect fan for theatrical wind effects - movies, productions, theatre... It is an all-purpose stage fan with 4 control options. linear output, low power, compact, adjustable angle and metal housing (durable... Learn More
Was : $775.00/ea
Now : $397.90/ea
Antari Special Effects Fan - 3 speed wind effect / blower
Special effects fan with a powerful 1HP motor and 3 selectable speeds. Can be used as a wind effect, or to blow smoke and fog, &quot;snow&quot; or bubbles higher and further than they would otherwise travel. Desig... Learn More
Was : $1,700.00/ea
Now : $799.25/ea
Varyscan 6 Moving Head.575HMI
Varyscan 6 JB Lighting Moving Head, HMI575 lamp. Made in Germany. Set of 4 - you need to take all four so please make an offer.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; Learn More
Was : $7,000.00/ea
Now : $287.50/ea

Nimbus-2 projector Code: NIM2

Nimbus-2 projector
Nimbus 2 Scanner Light, 4 channel DMX Scanner, 250w, M33 lamp. These nice people have a manual:&nbsp;&nbsp;http:... Learn More
Was : $1,599.00/ea
Now : $99.00/ea
Shiva MSD 200 with rotating gobo
Moving mirror effect - Shiva Scanner: SV-200R. Another Geni masterpiece, made in Taiwan with die-cast aluminium cases, these are quality effects. MSD200 lamp. Only 2 left, with roadcases incl&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &... Learn More
Was : $1,999.00/ea
Now : $115.00/ea
LED Moving Washlight 19pcs*15W RGBW 4 in 1
Moving head wash-light. 19 x 15W LED. DMX and Audio control. The pan and tilt and all the colour functions work nicely so would be great on stage, but the main thing we wanted them for,<span style="font-size: 12px... Learn More
Was : $1,999.00/ea
Now : $399.00/ea
QuadPar 12 Low Profile Stage Light (12x8w RGBA-LED)
Slim, lightweight and professional stage light for indoor use with 12 x 8W Quad coloured LED&#39;s with a smooth and even output make this perfect for front light and professional stage and theatre applications. A... Learn More
Was : $575.00/ea
Now : $349.03/ea
Geni MOS-300 Moving Scan, MSD250 lamp
ALL SOLD OUT .&nbsp; This is half scanner and half moving head... DMX controlled 360 degree scanner effect light. 250MSD lamp included. LAST ONE! Learn More
Was : $1,899.00
Now : $350.00
VaryscanN 4 compact plus 575HMI scanner
ALL SOLD OUT.&nbsp; &nbsp;JB Lighting are one of the original European moving light manufacturers. Moving mirror / scanner light. Total of 24 dichroic colours and has 5 rotating colours. Unit can only be run from ... Learn More
Was : $6,000.00/ea
Now : $230.00/ea
Chauvet DMX controller: 384 DMX channels
ALL SOLD OUT.&nbsp; &nbsp;Chauvet Obey70 Lighting Controller. Got it in for a customer who threw away the box and then didn&#39;t want it. unused. Read all about it here:&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="https://www... Learn More
Was : $379.00
Now : $269.00
Four Channel light modulator/ Controller. Very flexible &amp; user friendly, 4Ch dimming, 10 chase programs, Audio input. Audio chase, auto chase, sound to light, manual dimming etc. 19&quot; Rack size. standard N... Learn More
Was : $999.00/ea
Now : $286.35/ea
Single channel strobe remote controller
Single channel strobe remote controller. FL01cx controls from one to four strobes with :Power on/ off &amp; speed control. 0-12 flashes per second. &nbsp; Learn More
Was : $49.00/ea
Now : $20.00/ea

4 Channel Light Chaser Code: SR403C

4 Channel Light Chaser
Four channel chaser. Sound activation &amp; chase. Adjustable audio sensitivity, adjustable chase speed. Not for Led lights - this is for standard light bulbs with incandescent lamps in them.&nbsp; &nbs... Learn More
Was : $349.00
Now : $99.00
12v 50w Halogen 50hr Philips A1/220 -BRL 10 Set
10 Philips BRL 12v50w Halogen lamps. That&#39;s only $2.50 ea incl GST! Learn More
Was : $45.00/10
Now : $9.99/10
24v 250w halogen. Long life 300 hour. Pack of 10
Pack of 10 M33 24v250w halogen lamps . Two prong base. Longlife lamp. (300hr) Learn More
Was : $75.00/10
Now : $15.00/10
GU10 LED 5W WW (3000-3200K) 45 deg, 230V
All sold out. LED Replacement for GU-10 230v lamp. 5W / WW/ 45deg Learn More
Was : $19.00/ea
Now : $4.99/ea
MR16 LED 5W NW (4000-4500K) 45 deg, 240V
ALL SOLD OUT&nbsp; &nbsp;MR16 LED replacement. 5W / 45deg / NW&nbsp;/ 230v - and we have some CW available in same voltage and beam dispersion angle. Learn More
Was : $15.00/ea
Now : $4.99/ea
Barn Door for LitePAR Q18 Stage Light
Barndoor to fit the LitePad Q18 LED PAR Cans. Compatible with the Chauvet Quad 18 also. Learn More
Was : $70.00/ea
Now : $4.99/ea
Barn Door for LitePAR Q12 Stage Light
Barndoor to fit the LitePad Q12 LED PAR Cans. Compatible with the Chauvet Quad 12 also. Learn More
Was : $60.00/ea
Now : $4.99/ea

PAR56 Filter Frame (Silver) Code: FFRAME56P

PAR56 Filter Frame (Silver)
PAR56 Aluminium filter frame. Polish. Learn More
Was : $9.00/ea
Now : $1.00/ea
PAR56 Filter Frame (Black)
Gel Frame for Par56 Cans. Black Aluminium. Learn More
Was : $9.00/ea
Now : $1.00/ea

PAR64 Filter Frame (Silver) Code: FFRAME64P

PAR64 Filter Frame (Silver)
PAR64 Aluminium filter frame. Polish. Learn More
Was : $9.00
Now : $1.00
PAR64 Filter Frame (Black)
Gel holder for par64 cans. Black Learn More
Was : $9.00/ea
Now : $1.00/ea
Case for single 50'' PLASMA screen with castors
High quality professionally built road case for 50&quot; Plasma / LCD screen transport. Approx 380mm wide x 970mm high x 1490mm long, not counting the wheels which are about 100mm high Learn More
Was : $750.00/ea
Now : $395.00/ea
Plastic ABS Case - 232W  x 111H x 192D (mm)
Plastic ABS Case - 232W &nbsp;x 111H x 192D (mm) outer dimensions and 208 x 92 x 144mm interior. The lid is 19mm high, and the base is 73mm deep Learn More
Was : $49.00/ea
Now : $39.00/ea
Plastic ABS Case -339W  x 152H x 295D (mm)
Plastic ABS carry case -339W &nbsp;x 152H x 295D (mm) outside and 300m x 155 x 178 inside. The lid is 30mm high and the base is 102mm deep &nbsp; Learn More
Was : $119.00/ea
Now : $75.00/ea