School gets cutting edge paging system and keeps costs down 28-Apr-2016 Edwards

School gets cutting edge paging system and keeps costs down

Roscommon School is a decile 1 primary school in Manurewa, Auckland with just under six hundred students. The school came to Edwards Sound with a very common problem: their Soundcraft PA system was giving up and they only had a limited budget available to renew their existing infrastructure.

The school management team had heard about the many benefits of audio-over-IP. They were eager to take advantage of all that an audio-over-IP system has to offer, particularly the integrated school bell and the flexible zoning capabilities e.g. paging the whole school, one syndicate or outside areas.

Edwards came up with a proposal utilising their breakthrough 2N Paging System but re-used as much of the existing 100v line gear as possible, keeping costs down.

Key Features:

Integration with the existing system

The Soundcraft amplifier was replaced with a four zone amplifier* to run the classroom speakers. Each input on the amplifier was connected to a 2N Net Audio Decoder LITE to integrate with the existing infrastructure.

Multiple zoning

The 2N Net Audio Decoder LITE made it possible to divide the twenty-eight classrooms by syndicate, into 4 separate paging group

No classroom left behind!

There were three classrooms that had never connected back to the original Soundcraft amplifier.  Edwards suggested using 2N Netspeakers. These speakers simply connect to the new system over the LAN (local area network) meaning that there was no expensive audio cabling required.

Outdoor integration

The existing five outdoor horn speakers were each given their own 2N Net Audio Decoder, utilizing the built-in 8W amplifier to power the speakers. The outdoor zones can now be paged individually.

Ease of use

A 2N Net Mic sits at reception for paging classrooms and zones, making school wide announcements and triggering pre-recorded content such as emergency announcements.


More information:

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Other case studies: Richmond Road Primary and Pinehill School

* Edwards used an ITC 4120FP Multi-zone amplifier


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