Office Ladies overjoyed with New School Paging System 01-Jan-0001 Edwards

Office Ladies overjoyed with New School Paging System

During the school holidays, we were working hard installing 2N IP paging systems.
One Auckland school, Sunnyhills Primary School is now up and running and enjoying the Star Wars theme tune in place of a traditional school bell!
Sunnyhills Primary were desperately in need of a way to contact students around the school. Their old system worked intermittently and only reached some areas. Their outdoor paging horns had all been stolen. 
With 2N IP audio, we were able to successfully install a brand new zonal paging system that plays the school bell and announcements, messages and emergency broadcasts in high quality audio. New outdoor speakers were also installed in harder to reach locations.
Over three days, we installed 30 IP Speakers, 4 Outdoor Zones and 1 NetMic.
Paging can be done from any of the three reception computers, the Principal’s computer or the NetMic. The NetMic also holds six pre-recorded announcements that the ladies at reception can trigger when appropriate. No more repeating themselves!
Excerpt from the latest school newsletter:
"Over the holidays we had our new bell and speaker system installed. We no longer have a traditional school bell, we are using music to indicate for students it is time to return to class after break times. We’ve started with the Star Wars theme and will change this regularly; I’ve been inundated with great ideas on what music to have each week!"
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