DAS Audio Venue Install - Vantec and Artec 10-May-2016 Edwards

DAS Audio Venue Install - Vantec and Artec

As the exclusive distributor of DAS Audio product in New Zealand we thought we’d dedicate a series of blog posts to celebrate over 40 years of DAS Audio innovation.
Spanish company D.A.S. Audio is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of loudspeaker systems, power amplification, signal processing, and related components. D.A.S. Audio products are found on tour with the world’s greatest performing artists and installed in many of the most prestigious facilities. Here’s a few recent installations and festivals to get your mouth watering…

A venue installation – Republic New Orleans, New Orleans (December 2015) using DAS Audio Artec and Vantec

A 150-year-old building renovation. Hosts weddings, private events, theme parties and live music.

The gear:

  • two DAS Audio LX-118A powered subwoofers and four Aero 20A line array elements each for the main stage left-right hangs
  • two DAS Audio UX-221A powered subwoofers placed underneath the stage for additional low frequency support. 
  • two DAS Audio Artec 510A point source loudspeaker enclosures were suspended on either side of the stage for front fills
  • six DAS Audio Artec 510A enclosures were utilised as a distributed fill system to supplement the main hang, required due to a mezzanine floor blocking the ground floor under the balcony
  • a DAS Audio DSP-4080 4-input / 8-output processor for the main hang, subs, and front fills while the distributed fills are managed by a processor the venue already owned
  • six DAS Audio Action Series M12A powered monitor wedges on stage plus 
  • one DAS Audio Vantec 18A powered subwoofer for the drumfill

The supplier explained why they opted for DAS Audio:

“The first thing that pops out for me with this install is the fill system. It might seem minor to most, but the balanced and equal coverage we were able to achieve with such a compact and versatile box is astounding. D.A.S. offers a few different mountable and adjustable rigging brackets for the Artec series. This enabled us to do what was necessary sonically without negatively impacting the aesthetics of the venue. Secondly, the versatility of the processor and D.A.S.net allow the engineers working the venue to handle each night with consistency. The ability to save/recall settings for different types of events in the venue—plus remote monitoring—provide the venue continuity of sound and protection of their investment. Last but not least, the ability to fly the Aero-20A under the LX-118A allowed me to get a little extra low end upstairs as well as coverage of the whole space. The UX-221A have some incredible output levels and a fantastic musical quality not normally found in subwoofers of this size.” 


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