DAS Audio Music Festival - Aero Series 2 12-May-2016 Edwards

DAS Audio Music Festival - Aero Series 2

Continuing our series of blog posts celebrating 40 years of innovation by DAS Audio:

A 15,000 capacity festival - Empire Music Festival, Guatemala (April 2016) using DAS Audio Aero Series 2

4 stages of electronica and dance music


The gear – main stage:

  • sixteen Aero 40A ALAS™ (Advanced Line Array Systems)
  • sixteen D.A.S. UX-221A powered subwoofers, ground stacked in front of the stage to ensure excellent low-frequency support.
  • eight D.A.S. Aero 12A line arrays as front fill
  • two lateral sets of three Aero 40A systems, which were stacked on a LX-218CA subwoofer to handle side fill
  • DASnet remote management and monitoring system

The gear – second stage:

  • more DAS Audio Aero 20A powered line arrays and LX-218CA powered subwoofers were rigged at a second stage dedicated to DJ sessions showcasing some of the world’s top artists with DAS Audio Convert 15A and LX-218CA subwoofers on this stage to take care of the side fill

This is the third year that Empire Music Festival has used DAS Audio. The supplier explains why they went with DAS Audio:

“There were numerous features that impressed us. For starters, the vertical and horizontal dispersion of the Aero 40A’s was very impressive, and with the DSP-4080 and DASnet systems controlling the setup, there was a tremendous amount of control at our fingertips. The sound was not only focused with a high level of precision, the sound itself was clear, natural, and very musical. The fact that the entire sound reinforcement system was self-powered was another big advantage. Because of this, system cabling was more streamlined, we didn’t have to transport racks of heavy power amplifiers, nor did we have to find a place to position the amp racks. Combine these benefits with first rate flying hardware and you’ve got a really impressive system. It took 30 minutes to fly the system, and the local company was really impressed with the ease of rigging the setup.”

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