DAS Audio Church Install - Event Series 11-May-2016 Edwards

DAS Audio Church Install - Event Series

Continuing our series of blog posts celebrating 40 years of innovation by DAS Audio:

A 2000 seater church installation – La Familia de Dios Church in California using DAS Audio Event series

Teachings and vibrant music performances broadcast across sanctuary and seated pews.

The gear:

  • twelve DAS Audio Event 208A 3-way active line array elements - six elements per side over the right and left front edges of the stage area, clustered 13m apart at a height of 9m
  • two DAS Audio Event 218A high performance powered subwoofers for low frequency support 
  • a DAS Audio DSP-4080 stereo / mono processor for loudspeaker management

The supplier explained why they opted for DAS Audio Event Speakers:

“The Event208A’s have even coverage vertically from the top of the balcony to the floor seating area. In terms of their horizontal dispersion, you can hear both line arrays across the room—providing a true stereo sound but still enough control to keep the energy off the walls. The Event 208A is a very even sounding speaker throughout the frequency range. The throw is great for a dual 8-inch line array. Equally noteworthy, the system’s integrated rigging hardware is well designed and very easy to use. These loudspeakers are very predictable and consistent, which is what you want from a line array.”

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