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Brand Promotion & Edwards Hire

Amber Young from Spark PR & Activate recently worked with Edwards Hire on two brand promotion events in Auckland, “I highly recommend working with Edwards. They are completely professional and offered me total peace of mind. Best of all you get your own account manager who translates what you want to the techies, so what is usually quite hard and confusing becomes easy.”

First up was promotional event Reebok Confidence Unleashed, a free self-defence class for women offered by Reebok and hosted by none other than Zoe Bell. Held in Shed 10, Amber included Edwards as part and parcel of the event crew and took them on the initial site recce. The brief was challenging but Edwards came to the party with moody lighting, that was inspirationally streamed through meshed curtains, and high-quality speakers to make the most of the beat.

“They answered the brief and made the branding look premium with a less is more approach. On the night it was a massive weight off my shoulders as I was able to leave all the techie stuff to Edwards and instead run around like a headless chicken doing my thing,” recalls Amber.

The next brand promotion was the product launch of Prophere by adidas in the basement of Loaded, on Auckland’s High Street. The task this time was to re-create a scene from the campaign video – a hazy blue basement with flickering lights. Amber recounts, “I got back in touch with my Edwards account manager and we headed straight down to the venue. The challenge was how to achieve the same effect as in the video in an existing structure that we couldn’t mess around with or drill holes in!”

Amber relied entirely on Edwards for input on the design, providing just a couple of second hand TVs as props, “Edwards did everything for this one, the whole branding design, the works. We were able to use one supplier for the whole event.”

Now that’s service.

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