4 Reasons Why Your Event Needs an Edwards' Account Manager      04-Aug-2017   admin

4 Reasons Why Your Event Needs an Edwards' Account Manager

An Edwards Account Manager will bring their creativity, technical know-how and production-savvy to transform your ideas into memorable experiences.

With hundreds of events under their belt, from street parties to award ceremonies, from weddings to AGMs, our Account Managers use their collective experience to craft your vision into an engaging event, on time and on budget.


Why use an Edwards’ Account Manager to produce your next event?

1) Create an impression: Engage your audience

Your Account Manager will collaborate closely with you, whether your event is a blank canvas or you have some well-formed concepts. They will work with you to create the look and sound required to best showcase your product, brand or organisation. Our Account Managers understand the potential of today’s audio, video and lighting and can tap into an array of AV ideas designed to capture your audience’s attention.

2) Make the most of every minute: Keep your audience

Your Account Manager will know your programme inside out and will keep everything on schedule. Be it speeches, panels of experts, slideshows, videos or music, an Edward’s Account Manager will ensure seamless flow from one medium to the next. They will brief presenters on cues, rehearse any AV requirements with participants and have technical operators check that all presentations run without a hitch. The technical team, Edwards’ ‘Men in Black’ will be fully briefed on every detail of the programme from the lighting to the streaming.

3) Location, location, location: Focus on your audience

Your Account Manager will most likely have worked with your venue before, or if you are going off the beaten track, they will have operated in a similar environment. They can even recommend suitable locations. They will know the venue staff, their systems and processes – or the risks inherent in a more off-the-wall locale. Your Account Manager will liaise with the venue, ensure AV Health & Safety regulations are met where required and be there on the day to run the show, leaving you to focus on your participants.

4) Minimise risk: Enjoy being part of the audience

Live events are an opportunity to dazzle or fail very publicly. Using a professional to plan your event mitigates the risk. They know exactly what is required to make your event a success and will predict and troubleshoot all issues before they happen. Avoid a darkened stage, a screeching microphone or a presentation with no sound...and enjoy.

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